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The Introduction of CEDES Light Curtain

CEDES is a world level manufacturer of sensor solutions for elevator and door systems. CEDES light curtains are safety devices used in elevators, escalators, and industrial doors to detect the motion of people or objects in their path. It perform function by emitting an array of infrared beams across the opening or boundary that needs to be protected. If any of these beams are interrupted by a person or object, the light curtain detects the obstruction and sends a signal to the control system to stop or reverse the motion of the door or elevator. This helps prevent accidents and ensures the safe operation of these systems.

CEDES light curtains get many advantages that make them ideal in various applications. Here are some of the main features of CEDES light curtains:

High-resolution detection: CEDES light curtains offer high-resolution detection, which means they can detect even small objects or people passing through them.

Customized configuration: CEDES light curtains are highly configurable and can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of a particular application. They can be designed to meet different heights, widths, and depths, and can have different numbers of beams depending on the level of protection required.

Multiple safety functions: CEDES light curtains offer multiple safety functions such as muting, blanking, and restart interlock, which allow for greater flexibility in their operation. These functions help prevent false alarms and ensure that the light curtain operates reliably in all situations.

Robust construction: CEDES light curtains are built to withstand harsh environments and are resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture. They are also designed to resist accidental damage, vibration, and shock.

Easy installation and maintenance: CEDES light curtains are easy to install and maintain, thanks to their modular design and plug-and-play connectivity. They can be quickly and easily configured using intuitive software tools and can be serviced without the need for specialist skills or knowledge.

Overall, CEDES light curtains are reliable, flexible, and effective safety devices that can provide an extra layer of protection for people and equipment in a variety of settings.