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How to install a high speed dynaco door

High-Speed Door Dynaco /Motor Installation/ Safety Maintenance

Preparation Steps

Before installing your high-speed Dynaco door, it's essential to be well-prepared. Here's what you need to do:

Ensure all necessary tools and equipment are at hand.

The installation area should be clean and free of obstructions.

Assembly Instructions

Assembling the door is a critical step in the installation process:

Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Make sure all components are securely fitted together.

Mounting the Door

Properly mounting the door ensures stability and smooth operation:

Position the door correctly and attach it using mounting brackets.

·     Check that the door is level and plumb.

Installing the Motor

The POWEVER motor is a vital component for the door's operation:

Mount the motor as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Ensure it is aligned correctly with the door.

Wiring the Motor

Electrical connections must be made safely and accurately:

Follow the wiring diagram provided.

Adhere to electrical safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

Testing the Door

Testing is crucial to ensure the door operates correctly:

Test the door's opening and closing functions.

Confirm that all safety features are working properly.


Fine-tuning the door and motor for optimal performance:

Adjust speed settings and sensitivity as needed.

Optimize the door and motor settings for peak performance.


Regular maintenance is key to the door's longevity:

· I   Inspect and maintain the door and motor regularly.

Note: Always refer to the specific installation manual provided by Dynaco and POWEVER for detailed instructions tailored to your door model and motor type. If you encounter any challenges during installation, consider seeking assistance from a professional to ensure the door is installed correctly and operates safely.