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Product Description:

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Docks Seals within loading dock systems are an integral part of any facility, while not all Loading Docks are built  the same. For this reason all dock Seals offered through Loading Dock Supply are custom built to suit your  facility. This provides the best possible seal found on the market today.

Working with your loading bay system Dock Seals & Dock Shelters provide environmental protection and a  guide for trucks docking with your facility. Compressing     between the trailer and wall dock seals effectively  guard against outside environmental conditions, Insects, pests, & other variables which may pass between   the truck  and wall.

Top of the sponge Seals 1 item The fabric is made of wear-resistant vinyl crude fiber material.
The lining is filled with high elasticity sponge pad, with 98% restorability and flexibility in -40 environment.
Vertical sponge Seals 2 items

positive Distribution wearresistant louver folds, providing additional

-wear protection, effectively extending the life of the door seal;

The middle of the reflective strip with a warning, with better security.
Hardware 1 set Surface galvanized anti-rust treatment, an increase of product durability.
Wideth 3000/3200/3400 mm Thickness of side PVC sheet 0.5 mm
Height 3000/3200/3400 mm Height of top PVC curtain 1000 mm
Dock shelter depth 600 mm Width of side PVC curtain 400 mm
Sponge thickness 25/20mm Frame: High quality steel strips,covered by
PVC Color: Black/Blue transparent PVC or Color PVC material.
Thickness of front PVC sheet 0.9 mm Operating temperature range 35-+70