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Stacking DoorStacking Door

Stacking Door

Product Description:

What is the unique feature of high speed doors?
1)2mm weaven fiber to ensure the material more durable using.
2)Fast opening speed(1.5m/s)
3)Less bacteria growth without brush in the frame suited for Pharmacy and Food industry
4)High and stable perfomance.

Main features:
Using location External&Internal door
Door curtain material

1.2 mm Sioen

Door frame Standard galvanized steel(option: 304 stainless steel)
Door control system

Servo control system

Door designing Unique for the larger size
Motor location both sides are ok
Safety system standard built-in photo cell
Safe Equipment Beep, Anti-wind Bar, Traffic Light, Emergency Handle,
Shoulder Protection
Door max size 8m(W)x 7m(H)
Wind load max 28m/s
Opening speed 0.6-1.2m/s
Closing speed 0.6m/s
Color Yellow/blue/white
Option induction loop, radar, pull-cord, push button, remote control

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