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Spiral Door

Spiral Door

Product Description:

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What is the unique feature of high speed spiral door?
1) Aluminum panels
2) High frequency motor with frequency converter
3) Given frictionless operation

4) Weight balance with springs

Main features:
Using location Internal &External door
Door frame 3mm galvanized steel
Door curtain material Aluminum panels
Door control system S180 FU Micro-processor
English Man-Machine Interface,
Self Trouble-Shooting Recognizing system
Door designing Designed for the long run and reasonable price
Motor high frequency motor
Safety system standard built-in photo cell
Safe Equipment Beep, Anti-wind Bar, Traffic Light, Wireless safety Edge
Motor location on both sides are ok
Door max size 5m(W)x6m(H)
Opening speed 0.8m/s
Closing speed 0.6m/s
Wind load max 32m/s
Option induction loop, radar, pull-cord, push button, remote control

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