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  • ProLoop Lite (BIRCHER)
ProLoop Lite (BIRCHER)

ProLoop Lite (BIRCHER)

  • Category: Other sensors
  • Numerous potential applications
  • Maintenance-free, so high operational reliability
  • Very short commissioning time thanks to simple programming
  • Easier operation thanks to the LCD display
  • Product description:With ProLoop Lite, every loop detection is absolutely reliable. ProLoop Lite monitors and evaluates induction loops installed in the ground and detects all types of metallic vehicles: Bicycles, cars,
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Technical specifications

Mechanical data

Housing                       DIN      For DIN rail mounting
Material: PA, black/grey

11-pin    Lower part with 11-pin connector,

material PA black;

hood, material PPE red

Dimensions                 DIN 22.5 mm x 94 x 90 (W x H x D)

11-pin    36 x 74 x 88 mm (W x H x D)

Weight                       DIN       140g

11-pin 100 g (24 V), 185 g (230 V)

Type of connection      DIN Clamp-type terminals

11-pin    11-pin connector

Loop supply cable                     1.5 mm2, min. 20 twists

per meter

Max. 100 m at 20–40 µH

Max. 200 m at over 40 µH

Electrica data

Supply voltage           DIN        24 VDC –10% to +20% 84 mA
230 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz,

16 mA

Power consumption    DIN Max. 2.9 VA

11-pin 24 V, 1.2 VA, 230 VAC, 3.7 VA

On duration 100%

Loop inductivity                      Max. 20–1000 µH

Ideal 80–300 µH

Frequency range 4 stages

Sensitivity                             Frequency modulation:

0.01 – 1.00% in 9 stages

Hold time                             Infinite (factory setting), or

according to programming

Loop resistance < 8 Ohm incl. supply cable

Output relay                          Max. 240 VAC,

2A / 30 VDC; 1 A; AC-1

Channel switching time          1-loop device 25 ms

2-loop device 50 ms

Max. ascertainable                50 km/h with the appropriate

vehicle speed                        loop

Compliance                          R&TTE 1999/5/EC

Ambient conditions

Type of protecton                 IP20

Operating temps.                 –20 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature            – 40 °C to +70 °C

Humidity                             < 95 %, no condensation

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